Sharing the “Your Influence Matters” talk with nearly 300 middle school students at Ravenscroft School.


An interactive keynote suitable for all ages.

The signature keynote that got it all started! This is an interactive keynote that can be 15 - 45 minutes, depending on time allowed. For 30-45 minute time slots, participants are provided a worksheet as they participate in understanding what is influence and how they can impact those around them on a daily, regular basis in the smallest of interactions.

This keynote is presented in a way that’s catered to the audience - age, industry, etc.

A 60 minute workshop for social media presence.

This workshop is geared for individuals who recognize the importance of social media, but need some new ideas in how to utilize it to maximize their personal message or their business message. As an early adopter to social media and live streaming, Jen utilizes more than 15 years of experience to give fresh ideas to entrepreneurs, business professionals, board members, and non-profit leaders.

Participants should have a basic understanding of social media.

A faith-based conversation around tackling unexpected life events.

This talk is based on Jen’s diagnosis with cancer and how she wrestled with the fact God calls us to do things we don’t think we can do (or don’t want to do!). In her personal journey, she was drawn to characters of the Old Testament to find inspiration and reassurance that she could confidently take on the big task of fighting cancer. A glimpse of this conversation can be found in the transcript of Jen’s live witness at her home church for Easter 2019.

This talk can be customized to the audience and, depending on the event, may include Jen’s husband, too.

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