My challenge to you: Think it. Share it.

What a week!

It's been incredible to see how friends and family have come together to give me the support and encouragement I didn't even realize I needed going into chemo. 

It's only been three weeks - three weeks since we confirmed the mass, the diagnosis, the treatment plan. And yet, here I am completely in awe of more community, answered prayers, and a cheering team that most people in their lifetime will never have the privilege to experience.

Yes, this is truly a privilege.

I was going to to use this blog post as a write up of the events this week - my chemo kick off at Chick-fil-A, how my husband surprised me on our 10th anniversary, how I'm feeling the day after chemo.

I'll get to all of that over the weekend.

Instead, I want you to know why I feel so fortunate today. It's something you need to chew on. It's something I need to intentionally remember every day. It's something I want YOU to do SOMETHING about.

Here's the deal:

Suddenly, people are telling me things about myself that many of us only say when someone passes away. 

My sister, Sarah. I wouldn't have the health and fitness journey I have today if it weren't for the way she inspired me to get into hot yoga (and stick with it) in 2011.

My sister, Sarah. I wouldn't have the health and fitness journey I have today if it weren't for the way she inspired me to get into hot yoga (and stick with it) in 2011.

As my sister so eloquently put it this week, I'm living my funeral. (If you didn't know, my sister is great at telling you straight up how she feels about things.)

Now, let's not get confused here. My prognosis is good (great, actually). I'm being treated through a standard treatment of care for IDC HER2+. No doctor is telling me that I don't have options, etc. Things are good.

But, people I grew up with, people I've only interacted with on social media, people I pass by in the halls at work everyday, are taking their TIME to stop me and encourage me. They are telling me that I've somehow inspired them with something then or now. They are telling me about the character traits they admire in me.  People are saying things to me that we usually keep close to the chest and share with a person's family at their funeral.

That's what my sister was getting at.

What a privilege to hear these things for myself. To be encouraged. To keep me going. To know I'm making a difference.

Seriously, ya'll. 

Nothing is more encouraging and humbling than hearing how you have had an impact on a person. Nothing. Some of them are quite personal, and I've treasured every word. 

However, these are typically things we fail to say directly to people that need to hear them.


I'm guilty of it, too.

Why don't I share what's on my mind? Do we think we'll sound silly? Do we think we'll come off as a bunch of softies? Do we think it won't make sense and that there needs to be a reason?


Today, I challenge you to find one person that inspires you, supports you, encourages you - whatever it is, and TELL THEM THAT.

Don't wait for the "right moment." Tell them today. Find that one example you can point them to and tell them how it changed your life, your thought process, or maybe how it drove an action.

Maybe it's a former teacher, coach, or long lost friend. Maybe it's a family member you don't talk to frequently or just a co-worker you've admired from afar.

Maybe it's your parents, siblings, best friends - people you take for granted every day.

Tell them how one small interaction influenced you to be a better person. 

I promise you, it will make their day.