A Hairy Situation

They say for most women, losing their hair is the hardest part of breast cancer treatment.

While I'm just starting to shed and haven't lost mine yet, I will say that the idea of it and the anxiety of thinking about it hasn't been easy. 

There's a process called cold capping that is becoming more popular in the United States. It essentially helps women keep their hair during chemo treatment by use ice on the scalp during the infusion process. I looked it up prior to started chemo, but it was a bit more involved and expensive than I preferred. I chose not to pursue it.

Instead, I decided when I would lose most of my hair. My anxiety centered around me pulling clumps of of my own hair out, so I chose to buzz it prior to experiencing that. 

Here's the thing I need you to know about my hair - 


Seriously. I was born with hair on my head, and I'm fairly certain that's the shortest it's ever been. 

So, before we celebrate the "big cut," let's take a trip down memory lane looking at the many styles of my hair:

You get the idea.


Basically, I'm not a risk taker when it comes to my hair. I made a bad perm choice in middle school, and the bangs have come and gone, but, overall, I just don't change it up too much. 

So, when faced with the idea of shaving it, I really wasn't sure what to expect. 

But, in true Hoverstad fashion, we gathered a few of our closest friends around, shared food and drinks at our happy place, Brewery Bhavana, and then headed over to see Heather at Design Gallery Salon.

I had talked with Elin the day before about the hair cut, and she asked me if I was scared to cut my hair. I told her I wasn't scared, but I was a little nervous.

She calmly replied, "It's ok Mommy, I'll hold your hand." 

And sure enough, she was right there as soon as I got in the chair.

Elin holding my hand while the hair started coming off! 

Elin holding my hand while the hair started coming off! 


And then before you know it, for the first time in our lives, Carl and I share the exact same haircut. A two guard. 

Here's to us and all y'all that are joining us on this journey.

A big thank you to Nieto Photography for the salon pictures and Jolian Shoes & Accessories for the earrings.